From an Expert: 15 Benefits of being a Professional Gardener

I have worked for many years as a gardener. And on many occasions I don’t consider it to be a “job”. Yes I do get paid but there are many more benefits. 

Here is a list of the 15 Benefits of being a Gardener – 

  1. Can work outdoors
  2. Can work indoors
  3. Can work individually
  4. Can work as a team
  5. Can work for others
  6. Can work for ourselves
  7. Can see things other people don’t see
  8. Can have some of the best views 
  9. Can see the day starting
  10. Can hear and see the wildlife
  11. Can look back and admire our work
  12. Can help others achieve their dreams
  13. Can watch things grow
  14. Can get fit
  15. Can be creative

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1 – Working outdoors

Working outdoors has many benefits like being in the sun and getting Vitamin D. But there are many more reasons like the weather. Not everyday is that magical temperate day that is perfect to work in. Yes there are days when it rains or even pours. These days are very limited. The majority of days are sunny or overcast. When the skies are so blue you feel as though you are in another world. Everything around you seems perfect. You can hear the birds singing and the laughter from the playground. You see groups of people outside having a picnic. The people you meet are happy. And you see the rainbow after the rain.
Being out in the fresh air is better for us. All of our senses are at work. The smell before it rains after a long period of not raining. The smell in the mountains, city or near the beach is all different. And the smell of freshly cut grass. Or the perfect rose. Feeling a cuddly cyprus bush or tasting a wild blackberry. And watching the garden form. 

2 – Working indoors

Working outdoors is not for everybody. Many places have indoor plants. Maintenance on indoor plants is very time consuming and can be a full time job. There are numerous jobs at nurseries where you can work indoors. Or you could work in retail giving advice to home gardeners. There are also computer jobs like garden design and planning. 
Working indoors is not weather dependent. Sunshine or rain you can continue to keep working. And you do keep dry unless and don’t get sunburnt.

3 – Working Individually

Not everyone is suited to working in a team. Being a gardener can allow you to follow your values. They may be introverted. And actually are very productive on their own. They can be given a task and complete in a timely manner. And are highly valued because they can work on their own.

4 – Gardening in a Team

Some people work better when working in a team. They can be more productive. And are also happier. Working in a group can make the heavier task like heging easier. You can rotate these tasks. Also doing some jobs can be quicker.

5 – Work for others

Being a gardener you can work for someone OR work for yourself. Not everyone has the same ambitions. There is no right or wrong. Some people are happy to be a gardener at a government job. Most countries, cities and towns hire gardeners to maintain parks and gardens. The work is consistent. And normally comes with good benefits like holidays. There are many places that hire gardeners. Depending on what you Why is there is a large variety of places to work at.

6 – Your own business

And if you are not content working for others you can work for yourself. Running a small gardening business or being a garden consultant you can set your own hours (and hopefully pay). You can also take time off when it suits. You do not have to answer to anyone except your customers. You are in control of havemuch or little work you would like.

7 – See things others don’t

Working outdoors you see things many people working indoors don’t see. People walking, jogging, exercising and playing. But there are also cars, buses, trains and bikes. Unexpected things happen. Car accidents, people falling over, people asking for directions or even people asking you out. And then there is the money you find. Often money is stuck in the grass or bushes. In places most people do not look at. There are numerous things that can happen throughout any day. And working outdoors allows us to see and hear these things. 

8 – The views

Whether you are working in public gardens or private gardens you are treated to some of the best views that most people will never see. There might be views over the water, down a valley, looking at a mountain or over rooftops. There are many different views to be had no matter where you live and work. Taking in the views and our environment brings a sense of pleasure.

9 – Start times

Some may argue that starting early is not for them. That is fine. Working as a gardener you are normally required to start early similar to other trades. It can be less busy in places and often you can get your work done before the heat of the day. Starting early you can see some of the best sunrises ever. The mornings are quiet. The birds are laughing. People are on their morning walks. The world feels alive. A new day has started. You can watch the town wake up and come alive.

10 – Wildlife

And depending on where you work you can hear the local wildlife. More than often it can be the birdlife. Roosters, chickens or for those in Australia the Kookaburra laugh. Then there are dogs barking.  

11 – A sense of achievement

Looking back at a newly cut lawn seeing how good it looks brings a sense of accomplishment. Or my favourite is trimming a hedge or pruning a bush. Not all are the same. Some can be quite overgrown. And when pruning them back it can take quite some time to grow back to being ‘normal’. Picking up all the rubbish can often shock how much work has been done. And it feels even better when people compliment you on your work. Perhaps you have just planted a new garden bed or harvested the ripe vegetables. All of these things can fulfill a gardener. 

12 – Helping others

Working as a gardener helps others achieve their garden goals. Some people are unable to garden themselves. They are not physically able to garden. Or they may have a brown thumb and kill everything. Or they have no knowledge of how to garden. Whether you are paid or you give free advice it is uplifting to help others. By helping others you are often helping yourself also. It might not be in ways that are obvious at the time. You could be learning something new or learn what not to do. By helping others you are also teaching yourself. 

13 – Watch it grow

You get a sense of fulfilment and gratitude by watching something that you planted grow. It might grow in a short period like annual flowers or a vegetable garden. It could be a lemon tree that fruits after 2 – 3 years. Or even a large tree that takes several years to grow. And can continue to grow forever. Of course not everything survives. Sometimes we have to remove something that either didn’t grow as predicted. Or it died. It may have been a trial. But for the most part it is a great sense of acheivemnt see things grow.

14 – Keeping Fit

Gardening can help us keep fit. Walking behind a mower is just that – walking. As long as you still do it at a brisk pace. But not too fast that the grass tears – NOT cut. Also brush cutting edges can provide good exercise. Working in large parks and gardens can provide plenty of walking. And then there is digging holes providing you do it correctly. There are many garden activities that can keep you fit. Like working out at a gym, physical fitness requires consistency. Most gardeners walk lots. And then there is walking up and down stairs or hills. 

15 – Be Creative

Being a gardener for some people allows you to show your creativeness. Whether it is a formal or informal garden you can still sho your creativity. Not all hedges are hedged in straight lines. Not all lawns are mowed the same way. It call allow you to plant in different colored flowers, different colored foliage and even different sizes. You can be creative with space. And by incorporating landscaping products you can be even more creative. Part of gardening is using your creative side. Allowing you to express yourself.

These are from a gardener with over 30 years experience. We hope you enjoyed the article.

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