About Us

G’day, we are Gay Worlley and Carol Hill, and together we are Gardeners by Trade. Between the 2 of us we have over 50 years experience working as gardeners.

We both attended the same Trade School yet did not know each other. We both played Indoor Cricket and again we did not know each other. We met whilst playing cricket. And blessed to both have the same passion. Yes we are passionate about gardening. Yes we are together and have been for 13 years (still yet to officially tie the knot). Our friends often refer to us as “The Girls”. We love helping people with their gardens with advice and in person when we can.

Our introduction video

More about Gay 

  • Qualified Gardener with 25 plus years of experience
  • I worked as an Apprentice for 4 years with a small local family business
  • I worked on Cape Cod in USA in a family run garden nursery
  • I worked in London, UK as a gardener for local government
  • I worked in two cemeterys as a gardener
  • And worked on an Outback Cattle Station
  • Also worked in parks and gardens, vineyards, nurseries and market gardens.
  • Currently I own an ecommerce store where I sell landscaping products

More about Carol

Carol started an interest in gardening from her grandfather (who worked on a Golf course). School was not her thing and when an opportunity arose to do work experience at a large local garden nursery she jumped at the opportunity. Then at the age of 15 she left school and started work as an apprentice at a local council.
Once qualified she worked for a period of time at the Melbourne Art Centre and the National Gallery of Victoria. Both places are very high profile. And the attention to detail is crucial. 

She then moved to her current place of employment as a Qualified Gardener in maintenance of gardens in parks and other public areas. And has held this position for almost 20 years.

Why did we start Gardeners By Trade? 

We have tons of experience in gardening. Carol currently works for a local government. Each night we discuss gardening things. For example we talk about machinery troubles and how to have the best garden edge. We also think that many people could do better in their gardens. And we also have a very similar life purpose where we like to share our knowledge and help others. And when we are travelling locally and overseas we love looking at and talking about the gardens. So we decided to share it on the World Wide Web. 

Our other interests

Pets – we have 3 pets 

  • Toby – the spoilt dog (and the one in the video)
  • Inky – adopted from my mum when she passed. She is the lady of the household
  • Stella – Gay’s cat that is 17 years old but still ever so playful.

Camping – We love camping and one day we both hope to travel indefinitely around Australia

Cricket – We played cricket together. I (Gay) was better than Carol. But she might say otherwise. 

Travel – Together we have travelled to USA twice. The last time travelling Route 66. We have also been to the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.