Review: The 10 Best Nail Brushes For Gardeners

There’s nothing quite like spending a day working in your garden. Whether it’s just yard maintenance or you have a vegetable patch, the feeling of being outside in nature and working with the soil is gratifying. While you are planting, you are already dreaming about reaping the rewards of your efforts, whether it be a colorful yard or abundant harvest. 

One of the downsides of being a gardener is keeping your hands clean. Often our hands become stained from working with the soil. We sustain slight scratches and uncomfortable scrapes, and worst of all is that persistent line of grit that often stays stuck underneath a gardener’s fingernails. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a practical tool was available that could quickly get our hands back to normal? The good news is that there is! Thankfully there are specific types of nailbrushes that have been specifically designed to cater to the challenges faced by avid gardeners. 

Why Do Gardeners Need A Specific Type of Nail Brush?

Forget those plastic nail brushes with the thick, stiff bristles that sting when you rub them over your sensitive skin in the shower. After a day in the garden, your hands need to be rewarded with a pamper session, not a vicious skin-scrubbing. 

Those common nailbrushes that one can often purchase very cheaply in a colorful multipack are too general purpose and heavy-duty to effectively clean hands deeply ingrained with soil. They will also aggravate any small wounds or chaffed patches on your hands, and you will find yourself flinching in pain while using them. 

What Features Should A Nailbrush For Gardeners Have?

The main aim of a nailbrush for gardeners is that it must be both gentle on sensitive skin and needs to clean out garden dirt effectively. It should have longer than usual bristles that can reach under your fingernails and penetrate the creases in your hands where soil particles may be hiding. 

At A Glance – The 10 Best Nail Brushes For Gardeners

BrandHandle MaterialBristle MaterialSizeMain FeaturesCost
Reddecker Gardening NailbrushBeechwoodPlant Fiber4 x 1.3/4″Very effective and attractive. Gets character with age.$25.99Set of 2
Redecker Tampico Fiber Gardener’s Nail BrushOiled BeechwoodTampico fiber (sisal)4-1/4″A classic design made of solid beechwood. Features the phrase ‘Gardeners Nail Brush’ on the top surface. $17.99
Gardeners Favorite NailbrushBlue plasticPolyetheleneVery effective. But not very attractive.$3.85Pack of 2
GranNaturals Toe & Finger Nail Brush Wood (unspecified)Natural bristlesEffective as a general scrubbing nail brush- it is quite firm. It does have a row of extra bristles to clean under fingernails. $7.99
GREENTH PRO Bamboo Nail BrushBambooTampico fiber(Sisal)3.74 x 1.77″An excellent eco-friendly option. It has two lengths of bristles for general purpose and under fingernails.$7.99Pack of 2
Fendrihan Dual Sided Wood Nail BrushPlywoodSisal3.7 x 1.4 x 1.5”A quality nail brush that would fit well in a man’s bathroom. Extra rows of bristles on the top ensure clean nails. $23.95
Jounjip  Fingernail BrushPlasticPlasticA tough nail brush for general use. Suitable to keep at the outside basin or laundry sink.$11.99Pack of 2
Coralpearl Wooden Nail BrushNatural WoodBoar bristle4.5 X 1.6″Very handy and attractive nail brush. Gentle natural bristles $13.99
GreatNeck 933B Fingernail BrushRed PlasticPlasticFeatures a raised, secure grip handle; this nail brush is purely functional. It will give your hands and nails a good scrub but is quite harsh.$5.70
Mechanics / Gardeners NailbrushBlue PlasticPlastic 3.74” x 1.37”Only cleans nails and fingers$18.00 (excl Shipping)
  1. Redecker Beechwood Gardener’s Nail Brush 

This easy-grip-handled nail brush tick all the boxes. They are handcrafted and specifically designed for cleaning your hands after a day of gardening. The grip is made from natural beechwood and the bristles from plant fiber. This also means that they are eco-friendly, which is great news for environmentally friendly gardeners.

The bristles on this nailbrush are extra-long, firm, and flexible. This gives them good reach into hard-to-reach places on your hands or feet. This Redecker Beechwood Gardeners nail brush can be used every day for cleaning your hands after gardening or for exfoliating rough patches of skin. When you are finished, you simply rinse it and let it air dry until the next time you need it. 

The lovely beechwood ages attractively and will add a natural touch basin area. These quality nail brushes are handmade in Germany are R25.99 per pack of two.

  1. Redecker Tampico Fiber Gardener’s Nail Brush with Oiled Beechwood Handle

When you need quality, classic appearance, and gentleness in one package, this is the nail brush for you. This beautiful nail brush features the words “Gardener’s nail brush’ on the top surface of the brush, making it a lovely gift for any garden enthusiast that you know. 

This is the most expensive nail brush on the list, and buyers should take note is not sold as a twin pack like many other nail brushes. The Redecker Tampico Fiber Gardener’s Nail Brush is a solid investment as it will last for many years and age gracefully. It is tough enough to last, but its gentle natural fibers are also firm enough to give your hands and fingernails a thorough clean after a day in the garden. 

This nail brush is slightly larger than most others and has beautifully rounded edges to ensure a firm grip when you are using it. Since it is made of wood, it does not become as slippery as plastic when covered with soap and water. 

  1. Gardeners Favorite Nail Brush

This nail brush is unique from the other gardener’s nailbrushes in its shape and design. Unlike the others specifically designed for gardeners, these nail brushes were first developed for surgeons to scrub before performing operations thoroughly.  They worked so well that they were modified for home applications. 

The multiple fine bristles are made from low-density polyethylene. They are excellent for gardeners because they are gentle on nails and cuticles but can quickly remove debris from under fingernails. It is not the most attractive nail brush because it is pretty industrial in appearance. But, it gets the job done, and gardeners will be thrilled with their results from this inexpensive option. 

These nail brushes are manufactured in the USA and can be ordered from Terroir Seeds.  They are so reasonably priced that they would make excellent stocking stuffers for any gardeners that you know. 

  1. GranNaturals Toe & Finger Nail Brush 

This small nail brush would be an excellent addition to your general post-gardening manicure set as it is suitable to use on your hands and feet. It is made from wood and natural bristles, which feel firm when you want to give your hands or feet a good scrub after a day outside. It is not as soft as you may like on your hands if you have sensitive skin, but it will feel good on your feet after a day in the yard.

This double-sided nailbrush has bristles on both sides of the grip. The bottom bristles are longer and angled down to provide a general scrubbing action, while the top features an angled row of short bristles that are especially for cleaning soil from under your fingernails.  This is an attractive little nailbrush, which is extremely reasonably priced. 

  1. GREENTH PRO Bamboo Nail Brush

The Greenth Pro Bamboo Nail Brush is a truly earth-friendly product made from bamboo and sisal. It is very similar in shape and uses the GranNaturals Toe and Finger Nail brush, but it is better value for money because it comes in a pack of two.  The bamboo sides have indented sides, making it easier to grip while scrubbing, but it will get your hands and feet clean; it may be a little too hard if you have any slight nicks or cuts on your hands after gardening. 

The bristles on both sides of this nail brush are different lengths, so you can choose the side that feels better to you on your fingers or toes. 

  1. Fendrihan Dual Sided Wood Nail Brush

This nail brush would be an excellent gift for any avid male gardener that you may know. It is made of quality plywood that gives it a distinctively masculine appearance. It is manufactured in Germany, and the higher price reflects the high standard of craftsmanship and durability that you will get with this nail brush.

The Fendrihan wood nail brush has six rows of strong bristles on the bottom side for general scrubbing of hands and feet. What makes it excellent for gardeners are the four concave rows of shorter sisal bristles that are attractively inset on the top of the brush. By rubbing it across your fingernails a few times, you will be sure to eliminate all evidence that you spent a long day gardening. 

  1. Jounjip Hand Fingernail Brush 

This tough general-purpose brush is more about getting the job done than looking good. It has an ergonomically designed grip to be held securely while giving your hands or feet a general scrub after gardening.  This brush which comes in a set of two, will provide an effective ‘first round’ rough scrub which can be followed up later in the shower.

While it also features a double-sided design like many other gardener’s nail brushes, it has a purely functional appearance that would not be an attractive addition to your bathroom items. It would be a convenient item to keep in your garden shed or utility room as it could also be used to quickly scrub your hands after working on your car quickly. 

  1. GreatNeck 933B Fingernail Brush

There is nothing flashy about this nail brush, but it is efficient and economical. Its main feature is the raised, non-slip handle that enables you to give extra pressure if needed. It may be a little too hard on hands after gardening, though, unless you have really calloused hands or feet that can tolerate the extra scrubbing power from the stiff bristles. 

This American-made nail brush is designed to last a lifetime and would be a useful addition to the garden shed basin. While it offers a thorough cleaning action, the bristles may be too firm to reach under your fingernails effectively. 

  1. Coralpearl Wooden Nail Brush

This attractive wooden nail brush with 100% boar bristles is made from sustainably sourced natural wood. The Coralpearl wooden nail brush is black, which contrasts with the light natural color of the bristles. It has a handy rope attachment to keep it conveniently located in your shower and is easy to hold and non-slip 

This nail brush has a one-sided narrower design, but what makes it unique is the two lengths of bristles on the same side. The longer bristles on the nail brush are located on the two sides, with the shorter bristles in the middle. This makes it perfect for scrubbing the angled surfaces of your hands and feet, and the shorter length bristles glide under your nails for a super clean finish.

It has comfortable rounded edges, and the bristles are firm but flexible and are not abrasive. This nail brush is ideal for gardeners whose hands may feel a little tender after a day in the garden. 

  1. Mechanics / Garden’s Fingers Nails Cleaning Brush

This unusual nail brush is unlike any of the others.  The nail brush is specially designed for mechanics to scrub grease off their hands, but it is also recommended for gardeners who need a little extra oomph to get their fingers clean. This is a heavier-duty type of nail brush that would only be recommended for full-time gardeners who need to clean their fingers quickly and regularly.

This circular-shaped finger and nail scrubber would be perfect if your gardening activities are tough on your fingers. Activities like manually pulling out weeds can, over time, cause your fingers to develop hard callouses. These rough areas on your fingertips can be dirt traps for soil while working, and it is usually tricky to remove the dirt on all sides of each finger. 

Instead of being held in one hand and rubbed over the fingers of your other hand like a conventional nail brush, this design is gripped securely in one hand, and you insert each finger at a time into the center and twist it. The plastic bristles on the inside of the device are arranged in bunches and angled to reach into every part of the nail groove. This finger scrubbing device comes apart, and the top of the two pieces can also be used as a sturdy brush.

This unique nail brush is available in the UK but can quickly be shipped anywhere.


If you have a good nail brush, gardening hands will be a thing of the past.  Every gardener should have a trusty nailbrush as part of their hygiene routine. When choosing a nail brush, one should choose a design that will be comfortable to use.  Carefully consider the firmness of the bristles so that they do not cause discomfort while still providing a deep clean.



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