Do You Need A Lawn Tractor? 10 Things To Consider

Maintaining a garden with a well-kept lawn can be a challenge, and it must be done with great care of it to keep everything in order. The challenge of keeping a tidy lawn may lead you to consider purchasing a lawn tractor to help, but do you need a lawn tractor? Here are 10 things to consider.

You need a lawn tractor if your mowing area is larger than ¼ acre, has unforgiving terrain such as steep hills, or if you have to get the lawn mowed in a short time. Consider the type of lawn tractor that suits your needs based on budget, motor type, tractor size, attachments, and comfort. 

Lawn tractors are very useful, and they are incredibly versatile, perhaps even more than you may realize. There are many reasons to purchase a lawnmower, but there are some considerations to make before you do. Let’s think about what you should consider before purchasing a lawn tractor.

Do You Need A Lawn Tractor? 10 Things To Consider

A lawn tractor is a big investment, but owning one may be the only way to properly maintain your garden.

Lawn tractors are versatile, useful, and they can mean the difference between 2 acres of untidy land and 2 acres of well-maintained garden.

That being said, before taking the plunge and purchasing a lawnmower, there are some important considerations to make.

These machines are not the same as an average lawnmower, and they can not be treated the same. The cost, versatility, usefulness, and size of a lawn tractor must be considered, and if a tractor is to be bought, it must be chosen carefully.

Let’s take the time to thoroughly go over all of the major considerations to make before purchasing a lawn tractor to help you decide whether or not you need one.

In no particular order, these are 10 important things to consider when deciding whether or not you need a lawn tractor.

1: How Big Is Your Mowing Area?

Lawn tractors are much more efficient than push mowers, and they are able to cover a very large area of lawn very quickly.

For this reason, the size of your mowing area is the first thing to consider. Push mowers are sufficient for small – medium-sized lawns. Lawn tractors are wasted on small lawns and should not be considered if there is not that much mowing to do.

That being said, if your mowing area is a ¼ acre or larger, then it is time to seriously consider using a lawn tractor.

Mowing an area that large is a challenge, and using a push mower to do the job will take a very long time.

If your mowing area is this large or even larger, a lawn tractor is the way to go. If your yard is smaller than this, perhaps a lawn tractor is overkill for what your mowing requirements are.

2: How Complex Is Your Yard / Mowing Area?

One of the greatest aspects of lawn tractors is that they are able to tackle very complex yards and mowing areas.

Lawn tractors are very versatile, and they are more agile than you may imagine. These machines are also more powerful than push mowers, which means they are able to handle complex yard work with ease.

These ride-on mowers are great for mowing curves, arrow-straight lines, and they can easily traverse steep inclines and slopes.

Lawn tractors are also ideal for very rugged types of grass and are able to easily mow down even the most stubborn weeds.

If your yard is highly complex and requires precision mowing, or if they’re just a lot to do, then a lawn tractor may be the perfect tool for the job.

Simple yards only require simple mowers, so keep yard complexity in mind when considering a lawn tractor.

3: What Is The Terrain Like In Your Mowing Area?

Another great advantage to having a lawn tractor is the fact that they are powerful enough to traverse challenging terrain without difficulty.

If you are tending to a very large area that requires mowing, and if that area is full of hills, slopes, inclines, bogs, and other terrain challenges, then using a simple push mower is simply not enough.

Any mowing that must take place on terrain like this requires the use of a lawn tractor, particularly a powerful lawn tractor that can handle a job of this kind.

Before purchasing a lawn tractor, it is important to consider the terrain that you will be using it to mow. This is vital for deciding whether or not to get a lawn tractor, and ultimately which lawn tractor to get.

There are many kinds of lawn tractors, each built for specific purposes, and challenging mowing terrain requires a tough, versatile, and powerful lawn tractor.

4: Consider The Convenience

When considering whether to use a lawn tractor or not, one of the biggest factors to think about is the convenience of using a mower of this kind.

Other types of mowers, such as push mowers and self-powered motors, are good for small – medium-sized lawns and yards, but anything bigger requires something more substantial.

Along with the substantial benefit of the size and speed of a lawn tractor for mowing larger lawns, they are also incredibly convenient.

These machines are far more reliable and solid than standard lawnmowers, and operating them is very simple. It is very convenient to hop onto a lawn tractor and tackle the lawn in a matter of minutes rather than spending an entire day pushing a standard mower around.

The convenience of lawn tractors alone is enough to warrant owning one, and for many, it is the best reason to use one.

5: Tractor Size And Type

Before purchasing a lawn tractor, it is essential to determine the size and type of lawn tractor that will best suit your requirements.

There is a myriad of lawn tractors available on the market, and each claims to be the best at what they do, but it is important to identify the best lawn tractor for your specific needs.

The size of the tractor is one important factor, as well as the type of tractor. There are tractors that are built small for smaller yards, and there are giant lawn tractors for huge areas of mowing.

There are rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive lawn tractors, and each of them has its own benefits and drawbacks.

There are awn tractors that are more versatile or more powerful than others, and some even come equipped with tow bars and attachments for plowing and hauling.

It is critical to do the research and determine which lawn tractor is best for you before deciding to purchase one of these machines.

6: Where Will You Store A Lawn Tractor?

Another aspect of owning a lawn tractor that is important to consider is correctly and safely storing it.

Lawn tractors require high levels of care and maintenance to run at optimum performance, and part of that is storing them correctly.

This machine should be stored out of the sun, under a roof, protected from rain and cold, and they should not be left anywhere where there are rodents or other pests that could potentially cause harm to the tractor.

Storing a lawn tractor in the right conditions will ensure that it lasts for a long time without degrading or perishing, and without a good place to keep it, it will quickly succumb to the elements and suffer damage.

If you do not have the facilities or space to safely store a lawn tractor, it may not be worth owning one due to the cost of repair, maintenance, and possibly even replacement.

7: Type Of Tractor Motor

There is a vast number of lawn tractors available on the market right now, but one of the defining factors of lawn tractors is the type of motor that they use.

The motor in a lawn tractor can make all the difference, and choosing the mower with the best power capabilities for you and your requirements is a vital consideration to make.

There are lawn tractors with electric motors, and there are lawn tractors with full-blown engines that run on gasoline.

Electric lawn tractors are less powerful than the gasoline-powered versions, but they are cheaper, and they require far less maintenance.

Gasoline-powered lawn tractors are very powerful, and they are able to tackle even the toughest jobs, but they require a lot of maintenance and repair, they are expensive, and they are a lot heavier.

The weight of a mower is an important factor, as a mower that is too heavy will cause damage to your lawn. Electric lawn tractors are significantly lighter than gas mowers, and so they are friendlier to your lawn.

Carefully consider which type of motor you will require in your lawn tractor before purchasing it, as it will make a real difference in how useful this tool is for you.

8: Lawn Tractor Maintenance

Maintenance is an important factor here as well. All lawn tractors require maintenance, regardless of size, shape, motor type, deck size, and price. Every mower needs to be maintained well to function well.

The level of required maintenance does differ from model to model, and electric mowers are easier to maintain than gasoline-powered tractors, but it still an important factor to consider.

Maintaining these machines can be difficult, and it is expensive to maintain them well.

If you can afford a lawn tractor, but you can not afford to maintain it, rather keep to a more simple mower with a lower level of required maintenance.

9: Consider Your Budget

Do not let the fact that this is low down on the list throw you off. Your budget is the biggest thing to consider when looking at lawn tractors.

In the end of it, lawn tractors are a luxury, and they are not absolutely necessary, which means they must be purchased with a realistic budget in mind.

There are lawn tractors that are very affordably priced, and there are those that are shockingly expensive. Unfortunately, with these machines, you get what you pay for, which means that the more you spend on your lawn tractor, the better it will be.

High-end lawn tractors are more efficient, more versatile, more durable, and more powerful than the inexpensive versions, but there is a lawn tractor built to suit every budget.

Try to keep your lawn tractor within your budget, and if you need to upgrade to something better, later on, work towards it.

10: Consider The Versatility Of A Lawn Tractor

The final item on the list of considerations is the versatility of the lawn tractor. There are many varieties of lawn tractors, but there are some that are more versatile than others.

One such feature, as an example, is a tow bar. Some lawn tractors are equipped with tow bars in order to tow specialized equipment or trailers that then can be very beneficial for garden and lawn maintenance.

Other features to look out for include maneuverability, electronic controls, and even adjustable seating positions.

The lawn tractor that you get should have all the features that are important for you. This should be another encouragement to thoroughly research lawn tractors before deciding which model to purchase.


At the end of it all, do you really need a lawn tractor?

Whether you need a lawn tractor or not comes to your own individual mowing and lawn maintenance needs.

If your garden or mowing area is large enough, if you have the budget, if you have the need to mow large areas very quickly, or if you simply have a lot to do, a lawn tractor will make the job far easier.

Lawn tractors are convenient and effective, but always be sure that you are purchasing one for the right reasons, and do thorough research before deciding on which mower is best for you!

Follow these considerations before deciding to become a lawn tractor owner, and they will steer you in the right direction, guiding you to the right conclusion for you!


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